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What you can expect your cleaning technician to do…Our 10 Step Cleaning Process!

1.  Inspect Your Carpets And Review Concerns: Walk through with the customer and communicate concerns.

2.  Turbine Vacuum: We throughly vacuum with a powerful turbine vacuum cleaner to remove damaging dry soils.

3.  Pre-Spray Treatment: A pre-treatment is applied to the carpet fibers to suspend oils and stuck on dirt and grime. 

4.  Agitation: We use a nylon brush to increase the efficiency of our pre-spray.

5.  Hot Water Extraction (Steam Clean) Using The Rotovac 360:  Your carpet is thouroughly rinsed and neutralized with the Rotovac 360.  Ridding your carpet of pollen, dirt, grease and body oils.

6. Grooming – Post Cleaning: We rake your carpet to reset the pile – this step will make certain for the fastest drying time.

7.  Spot Removal:  Any spots not removed during cleaning are addressed with any of our 20 spotting agents.

8. Stain Resistant Application (if necessary): In order to bring back the stain-resistant quality your carpet once had, Scene Clean applies the highest quality carpet protector. This helps maintain the warranty of your carpet manufacture.

9.  Expedited Drying Service: Once our certified technician has cleaned the room we use our high powered air movers to expedite the drying process.

10.  Post Protection: After the air movers are in operation, plastic tabs or foam blocks are placed underneath each of the legs to protect the furniture from any moisture that may be present as well as protect your carpeting from varnish/furniture stains. Although the carpeting will be dry to the touch within mere hours, these protection measures must remain in place for the first 24 hours after cleaning.